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Piloma Ayurvedic Piles Medicine Capsule & Cream

Piloma Ayurvedic Piles Medicine Capsule & Cream

Piloma is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine for piles, fissures and other Ano-rectal conditions. It is an Excellent combination of well known herbs that helps in providing relief in painful piles.

MRP:  600.00 (PACK OF 10x10 Capsules)

Best Piles Medicine in India

Causes Of Piles

A number of factors are responsible for the development of piles.
Best Piles Tablet in India
  • Constipation
    Long-term constipation is one of the primary cause leading to piles.

  • Pregnancy
    Piles are common during pregnancy. The reason behind is the development of fetus exerting pressure on the vascular structures.

  • Obesity
    Obese and overweight people are also more likely to develop piles.

  • Lifestyle
    Absence of fiber, imbalanced diet with insistence on junk food contributes towards piles. Along with this, long sitting hours, late night sleep, tight clothes, irregular eating habits, low consumption of water are all ways which leads to the development of piles.

  • Ageing
    As the age increases, the body's supporting tissues get weaker, increasing the risk of hemorrhoids or piles.

  • Hereditary factors
    Having a family history of hemorrhoids may also be one of the reason of developing piles.

Symptoms of piles

  • The most common symptom is passage of blood along with stool. Blood is seen on the outside of the stool but is not mixed in with the stool.

  • After emptying the bowel, a feeling that bowels are still full.

  • With passage of stools the pile or the lump with the swollen blood vessel may move downwards and prolapse or hang outside of the anus. After passage of stools this may need to be pushed back in.

  • Severe pain during standing, walking and movement in the anus. Mucus discharge when emptying the bowels.

  • There is redness, pain, discomfort or itchiness around the anus.
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